Women in SA

We’re glad you are here to find more about SA in Milwaukee, and we want you to know that you are welcome. There are resources for women to recover from sexaholism.

SA might seem overwhelming for you at first. You may notice that there are only a few women, sometimes no women at the meetings. On this page, you will find resources to connect you with women who struggle with the same things you do. Keep coming to meetings as you strengthen your network of women. You will find that the men also struggle with the same things that you do. 

“As I continued to come to meetings, I found that I had many of the same experiences as the men sitting around me. Through sharing each other’s stories, they became my brothers–my fellow sojourners on the path to recovery. I kept coming back because I found hope for lasting sobriety in them.”   

-Alexandria, SA Milwaukee Member

You may need to try a few meetings before you find a meeting or two that you connect with. 

We have some guidelines on our newcomer’s page on what to expect for your first meeting. Here we would only add that you can say as much as you are comfortable saying, connect as much as you are comfortable connecting, and handshake as much as you are comfortable shaking hands.

We are a friendly group, but we also respect any personal boundaries you need for your personal recovery.  Stop by and visit a meeting when you are ready to begin your recovery journey. 

Actions You Can Take:

  1. Email Milwaukee SA for a list of meetings and for help in contacting a local woman.
  2. Get a copy of the SA White Book. (Often, newcomers are presented(or ”newcomers are able to obtain”) their own copy at their first meeting. If not, you can order a copy from SA’s International Office. Follow the link called “Publications.”)
  3. Contact the SA main office (SAICO at 866-424-8777) to connect with more women, nationwide. 

Stories from Women like You

Walk the Tiger, by Esty L.

Galina from Ukraine

Practicing the Principles… by Wendi